Our MIDDLE SCHOOL offers a unique Junior High experience for your child!

Aware of the growing demands that High School will place on our students, our Middle School is a dynamic, interactive community of enthusiastic learners. Rigorous academic and interactive experiences stimulate each student’s intellectual, social and emotional growth, preparing them for life in High School, College and beyond.

Building on Mazel's existing curriculum of excellence, students learn cooperatively through research, discovery, experience, and field study as they develop an increasingly broad base of knowledge, as well as deeper critical and creative thinking skills.

As emerging adolescents, open discussions with teachers and mentors become a greater focus so that students can explore and confront evermore complex social, emotional and moral issues. To address and expand their developing global awareness, students begin to initiate and lead their own diverse service projects, cultivating their leadership skills and intrinsic sense of responsibility for the world. 

Curriculum subject areas include:


Using the Singapore Math approach, students study mathematics in leveled tracks grouped by ability to ensure that all students are challenged effectively. The TIMSS, a research study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics analyzing trends in international mathematics and science study, has consistently shown the strongest math achievement among Singapore’s students compared to other countries around the world, making the Singapore Math curricula an excellent choice for our students.

The mathematics coursework at Mazel cultivates a deep understanding of numeracy and complex, multi-step problem solving which prepares students for high school level Algebra 1. Through real world applications students see the value of their learning for life.  They learn to apply mathematics to a variety of contexts, and to communicate their understanding of the math content in both written and oral form. In addition to our comprehensive math curriculum, students participate in Math Olympiads to enrich their logic abilities.  


The English language arts program challenges students’ analytical abilities and communication skills. Literature units focus on reading comprehension and thematic analysis using classic and contemporary novels, short stories and poetry. Writing instruction develops both creative and formal writing skills, structure and content. Peer and educator feedback drive the editing process. Grammar and vocabulary units help students polish their language skills. Students are challenged to engage in research papers, opinion pieces, public speaking exercises, and debates on real-world issues.


The middle school science curriculum engages students in year-long in-depth study of life, earth and physical sciences, focusing on a different domain each year. Students build a solid foundation of fundamental science knowledge. Inquiry labs and hands-on experiments enable students to explore scientific theories and principles for themselves. Students regularly conduct research reports and projects. As content and lab work become increasingly complex, students gain fluency with the scientific method in preparation for a successful transition to the rigors of high school science.


Our social studies coursework prepares students for global citizenship. Students study units that revolve around essential questions and themes about governments and societies throughout history. Students are challenged to examine the past as a way to better understand the present, and imagine possibilities that can shape society’s future. Students dive deep into social studies topics and periods of history through role playing and re-enactments, examination of primary sources, debates and long-term research assignments. In addition, students round out their learning with study of current events and geography. 


In leveled language tracks, middle school students build their comprehension of oral and written Modern Hebrew, while also gaining fluency in verbal and written expression. Through interactive units focused on Israeli life, culture and history, students build vocabulary aligned with real-world themes. Fundamentals of grammar (dikduk) are incorporated throughout each year’s course. 


Judaic studies classes provide students with strong knowledge of their Jewish identity, heritage and history. The study of Torah texts, from Tanach to Mishnah and Talmud, provides students with fundamental understanding of Judaism. Students are challenged to use their analytical and reasoning skills to find questions within text, to think critically about problems before them and most importantly to ask the “Big Questions”. In exploring Jewish theology, philosophy and the purpose of life, middle schoolers begin to think of themselves as empowered members of the Jewish people and the world. Students study Jewish history, examining the personas and stories of Jewish leaders from biblical to modern day times. Exploration of Jewish values are infused throughout all lessons, inspiring students to grow in their personal character and development. 


Throughout their middle school years, students learn keyboarding, as well as Google Apps including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. These skills help them prepare polished presentations in all of their other subjects. In addition, students study coding using Scratch, developed by MIT Media Lab, and additional platforms on Khan Academy. 


In visual arts class, students explore a wide variety of mediums, including clay to mixed media sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking and collage. Students learn to combine technique, imagination and personal expression in their work. They gain confidence in expressing their ideas while learning to offer positive constructive feedback to each others.

Middle Schoolers are also introduced to art history, discussing works of art, using elements of arts and principles of design to evaluate the choices that classical and modern artists have made so that they in turn can make conscious decisions regarding their own creative expression. Students are exposed to the art world in and out of the classroom with field trips to art museums and exhibitions, research assignments and regular exploration of new materials and techniques. 

  • Values-based curriculum that focuses on character development and self-discipline, as well as life skills (including independence, problem solving, and social negotiation).
  • Physical Education program
  • Field Trips to Museums and Educational Institutions to enhance the learning experience
  • Student life is enriched with specialty projects including: Student Government, Student-led Pep Rally, Club Electives and a variety of other programming. 



Enrollment at a Jewish day school during the Middle School years provides our students with a unique opportunity which will remain with them for life. Here, we share with you a powerful video montage in which alumni of the Jewish day school network share what attending their Jewish middle and high school gave them in their adult lives. From Jewish identity to life-long mentors... from Hebrew language to life-long intellectual thinking skills... all of these directly impacted their success in college, their professional careers and personal lives.


To apply, see Admissions here. Please note that there are special tuition assistance grants available for qualified Middle School applicants.