How it all began...

Mazel Day School (“MDS”) began as a unique project undertaken by very inspired and driven people who believed in the Jewish people of the former USSR. They appreciated the unique qualities of Russian Jews and their ability to rediscover their Jewish identity.

F.R.E.E. of Brighton (Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe) – a Brighton Beach synagogue and community center - opened up Mazel Day Care in 2002, after being approached by a group of Russian speaking Jewish parents who were interested in a preschool program that would cater to their children’s unique family backgrounds.

As the first group of students entered Kindergarten, a broader vision emerged: building a Jewish day school that caters to the unique character of the Brooklyn Russian Jewish community; an educational institution that provides a rich and engaging curriculum in both general and Judaic studies and would serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for parents and students as they explore their Jewish identity.

Fast forward to today, MDS is a co-educational Jewish day school for students in Pre-Nursery (2 years old) through Grade 8. The first inaugural class graduated grade 8 in Spring 2015.

Three fundamental characteristics make up the unique qualities of MDS:

1) a positive, nurturing and child-centered environment with a strong sense of community,

2) a quality general studies curriculum and academic program that includes enrichment classes and language immersion in Russian and Hebrew, as well as…

3) a Jewish educational program that is supportive of children from both observant and non-observant families, focusing particularly on instilling Jewish values and middot.

MDS has grown to a school with 3 divisions – Preschool, Lower and Middle School – over 375 students, and an annual operating budget of over $4.5 million for the current school year.

Every year Mazel’s student body continues to grow, just this past year increasing more than 11%.

Our student body comes from throughout South Brooklyn – with 70% coming from Brighton Beach / Sheepshead Bay / Manhattan Beach areas, the remainder from other Brooklyn neighborhoods (including: Seagate, Marine Park, Mill Basin and more).

Today, MDS is living testimony that with the right model, a Jewish Day School can and will be the catalyst for a major revitalization of Jewish life in the Russian-Jewish community.

In the Fall of 2012, MDS was greatly effected by flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy as our K-5 classrooms were submerged under 6 feet of water.  Here is our "Sandy Story"....