Avigayil Raskin, Middle School Principal

BIO: Avigayil Raskin was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where she was blessed to grow up with a warm, strong extended family and community in which her family was actively involved. Avigayil attended Ohel Chana Teaching Institute and Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim in Jerusalem, Israel. Upon returning to Australia, she received her B.A. in Psychology and Youth Work (double majors) at Edith Cowen University.  

This background made for a natural segue into the field of education.  Skilled in creating educational experiences that allow for students’ expression of individuality, while challenging their analytical and “out of the box” thinking, Avigayil has over 19 years of experience in the Middle School classroom.  This is her 6th year at Mazel Day School and her first as Middle School Principal. It is a true gift to be able to work with our Middle Schoolers in a new way, while remaining in the classroom at the same time.

Avigayil is currently attending The Maurice Ralph Julis Principal Training Institute where she is both learning valuable skills and establishing important relationships and a circle of mentors within the Jewish Day School community.

Avigayil lives in Crown Heights with her husband and 5 children ka”h between the ages of 16 and 3. 


I became a teacher because… I was surrounded by teachers growing up. At various points in my life I was taught by my grandfather, mother, aunt, cousin and sister. When I started in Psychology, the truth that I had known my whole life became glaringly clear. I saw time and time again the power that teachers can have and how they play such a crucial role in a student’s life. I moved into the classroom and have been there ever since.

My vision for our children is… that all students will be independent, confident, creative questioners and thinkers, respecting themselves and their peers, pushing themselves to succeed and grow in all areas of their life.

I believe that... every single student is an essential component to our classroom, bringing their perspective in creating an understanding of the subject at hand. I believe that each child can learn and grow if they are made to feel that their unique abilities and approaches are appreciated. As a middle school student myself, it was teachers like this, who believed that it is the student that makes the subject alive and not vice versa, that made learning come alive for me, and I hope and pray that I am given the gift of being able to do the same in our middle school classrooms. 

I joined Mazel because… I saw my vision in the school. I was drawn in by the collaborative, growth oriented atmosphere and the priority given to personal growth.

My favorite memory from being a student is… I have so many wonderful memories. When I think about it, the common thread to all of them is that the teacher was so invested in the experience that the enthusiasm was contagious.

The most difficult part of teaching middle school is… When students allow their self consciousness to get in the way of their learning. I wish I could inject self confidence into each middle schooler and let them see what I see!

If I could teach my students only one thing, it would be... I have a favorite saying that is up in my classroom. “How can I know where I’m going if I don’t know where I’m coming from?”. Our kids are the leaders of tomorrow. Learn about the past so that you can shape the world in a better way.

If I would not have become a teacher I would have become… I thought I would be a psychologist, and I always have a secret desire to be a lawyer. Maybe one day!

A trick I use in the classroom is… No tricks! I genuinely love ‘my kids’ and my subjects and want to see them succeed. I believe that when a class feels that the teacher is genuine - there is no need for tricks.

Outside of school I like to… Spend time with my family, try new creative cooking techniques and styles, read and spend time outdoors in warm places!




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