Mazel Day School offers children a unique educational experience, combining the best practices in education within a dual curriculum program - general studies as well as Judaic/Hebrew studies.

Our school's approach to education is governed by profound respect for our students. We nurture their curiosity, cultivate their imagination, encourage creative expression, value their initiative, and engender critical thinking skills. In an academic setting that values open, engaged inquiry, our rich and rigorous curriculum interweaves the best of both Jewish and general knowledge throughout the day.

At Mazel Day School, the learning process itself is valued and as a result, children develop a true love for learning and the pursuit of knowledge. Teachers use a variety of methods to bring subject matter alive, including: regular field trips, projects, discussions, interactive activities and explorations. Learning experiences are designed to be joyful, meaningful and real. From science and social studies, to math and literacy, our curriculum is not only aligned with national standards, but individual strengths and interests are emphasized as well, empowering students to reach their full potential. Opportunities for collaborative teamwork, training for social competencies, and character development are integrated into the daily curriculum. Study of Hebrew language, Jewish and Israeli history and heritage give students a sense of belonging to the Jewish people. American citizenry is cultivated through knowledge and appreciation of our history, culture and democratic process. Russian language and literature broaden our students’ horizons and opportunities. Our rich and unique tapestry of learning provides an education that sets our school curriculum apart. 

 Read more about our Educational Philosophy as well as how this philosophy comes alive in each division.