Ckids at MDS


Mazel Day School is the official Base number 6504 of C-Kids, which is part of the international Tzivos Hashem Kids network, the foremost worldwide organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of Jewish children.

Students in grades 2-4 received a (really cool) personal Photo ID card with an individual bar-code, with which they can access their account to scan achievement cards and redeem points for prizes.

Students receive weekly missions which include tasks of the following components: "Jewish pride", "Ahavat Yisrael", "Midot Tovot" (good character traits) and "Shabbat".

Students receive achievement cards for completed missions, which can be scanned and added to their personal account. As they earn more points they will be going up in rank, as well as be able to shop the Ckids prize store to redeem their points for really awesome prizes!

We are really confident that this new campaign will add a tremendous enthusiasm to the students good behavior beyond the classroom, as well as to their involvement in Jewish tradition.