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BIO: Rochi Shneorson-Gourion was born in New York but grew up in Israel in Kfar Chabad. Her parents are Israelis who lived in NY for 7 years after they married and moved with 3 children to Israel.  Rochi was 3 years old when they moved to Israel.  She learned her English in school and high school.  After high school, Rochi earned her teaching degree in Israel with specialization of math for the ages of middle school and up. While completing her  B.A., she traveled with 2 friends to teach students in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine for 5 and half months.  It was a really deep experience. Rochi taught Ukrainian girls Hebrew through the English language because she didn’t know Russian. She also taught Judaic studies classes there.  In the final years of her degree Rochi taught middle school math, in Israeli schools, as well as English language.  She also took additional training in a program called “Yedidim Lmaan Hanoar Vhachevra”,  i.e. Guidance Counselor for children who are in need of special attention.  

After completing her degree and training, Rochi moved to New York from Israel and is now honored to teach at Mazel Day School.