Online Resources for Learning to Read in Hebrew


Are you stumped when trying to help your child with their Hebrew homework?
Wishing you can keep up with your kids when they are reading in Hebrew?
Want to follow along with the prayers in the synagogue?

Check out some excellent online resources for learning how to read Hebrew.  

5 video lessons that teach the Hebrew letters and vowels (but not words)


12 video lessons that teach the letters, vowels, and words.

There is also a book that can be purchased that goes along with the lessons.


Comprehensive video tutorials on reading Hebrew


Using videos and step-by-step presentations, you will be able to learn to read Hebrew very quickly. The lessons include the Hebrew Alphabet, correct Hebrew pronunciation, instructions for reading vowels in Hebrew as well as the most important rules and exceptions. It is possible to download the lessons and use them on your mobile phone.

There are 32 lessons with videos and step by step presentations to help you learn how to read Hebrew. 


HebrewPod101 offers an extensive list of free resources that can be of great assistance when learning Hebrew. Most of the free resources are limited, as you need to pay for the membership in order to get access to the full lessons

Basic access – You get access to complete lesson archive, PDF notes, Lesson Checklist and Hebrew Core Words and Phrases.

There are many more features available for a paid subscription