Our Early Childhood Center provides children, from toddlers through four year olds, with a warm and loving atmosphere as they enter the school setting for the first time.

Guided by our understanding of how young children learn best, our program offers them the opportunity to develop the building blocks for future success – positive self-image, social skills, language communication, and independence. Even at a very young age, children have an infinite potential to absorb knowledge. Our day is filled with opportunities to learn new skills, concepts and ideas, building on children’s natural curiosity and thirst for learning. Through a dynamic and developmentally-appropriate curriculum, we create an atmosphere that invites children to observe, to try new things, to actively participate, and to make choices. Art experiences, baking projects, imaginative play, and field trips foster a culture of wonder and discovery that is shared with friends.

Our Programs

Our early childhood preschool program has classes for the following age-groups:

·        PreNursery – for children ages 2-3 (must be turning 2 by October to join)

·        Nursery – for children ages 3-4 (must be turning 3 by November to join)

·        Pre-K – for children ages 4-5 (must be turning 4 by November to join)

Our Staff

Our teachers are highly trained and experienced professionals in early childhood education. Warm and caring, they are attentive to each child’s needs, so that all the children in the classroom feel special and loved. To accommodate Russian-speaking children, each classroom is staffed with both English and Russian-speaking teachers.

Our Curriculum

At Mazel Day Schools’ Preschool Division, our curriculum aims to expose children to a wide range of new experiences that will give them tools to develop language, creativity and independent thinking skills.

In general, our curriculum is divided into two areas:

  1. Skills Development
  2. Thematic Exploration

The underlying principles that guide the manner in which these two areas are taught in the classroom are that young children learn best through:

  • Individualized instruction
  • Concrete, multi-sensory experiences
  • A curriculum which emerges from the children’s interests

Our fully-developed program includes arts and crafts, field trips, sensory development activities, exercise, baking, block play, imaginative play, and lots of fun, hands-on activities. Our academic program teaches early math concepts, reading and literacy skills, as well as important problem solving and thinking skills. Since we believe that all children develop at an individual pace, we incorporate individualized lessons with teachers working one-on-one or in small groups, as we carefully monitor every child’s progress.

PLUS! Weekly Music Program with specialized Early Childhood Music Teacher!

Our Facilities

Our preschool is newly renovated, bright and cheerful. Each classroom is equipped with top-of-the-line toys and games. Designed according to the highest standards of preschool education, they provide the ultimate environment for children to learn. We have a large indoor play room, an indoor children's gym, as well as an outdoor yard with a small garden, where children can play, ride bikes and enjoy the fresh air.

Our three daily meals include Breakfast, Lunch and Snack, serving well-balanced, hot, Kosher foods that are both nutritional and child-friendly.

To learn more about the unique opportunities Mazel has to offer your child, to find out about tuition fees and curriculum goals, or to set up an appointment for an on-site TOUR with our Early Childhood Director, Ms. Inna Izman, call 718-368-4490 today or email [email protected]. Your child will thank you!

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