The mission of Mazel Parent Association (MPA) is to grow Mazel’s sense of community and to continue to enrich our students’ school experience through parental involvement with engaging events throughout the school year. This year MPA is focusing on building class communities by Class Leaders.

Each Class Leader has a special opportunity to get to know each class parent and organize fun events for their class to bond as a community. These events include play dates and special occasions in the class (e.g. juice bar).

Additionally, there are school-wide initiatives, where the entire school community comes together to get know one another and bond. These school-wide events include Parent Social, Chesed event and Year-End Picnic.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead and are excited about building a strong Mazel community with each of you!

MPA Leadership Team

If you are interested in becoming a part of Mazel Parent Association, please email us:

Meet the MPA Leadership Team:

  • Alex Zilberberg
  • Estelle Camarda
  • Anna Gokhberg
  • Olga Barsky-Allen 

Meet the MPA Class Leaders:


  • Alla Melamed 
  • Rimma Gnezdyuk
  • Daniel Allen
  • Beatrice Zilberberg
  • Luda Kiperberg
  • Jackie Gluck
  • Nelly Mavashev

K-8 Lower and Middle School

  • Shoshana Kenigstain
  • Ilona Loytershteyn 
  • Olga Molokser
  • Kate Ilyaguyev 
  • Irene Gabo
  • Irene Rozman
  • Nelly Mavashev
  • Yelena Levit
  • Jane Roitman
  • Yelena Kutikova
  • Inna Spiegel
  • Ella Dudkin
  • Ilona Dektor 
  • Larisa Shtyfman 
  • Natalie Ferd 





Fall Social 2015