1. Q: Why is it important for us, as parents and families, to participate?

Your gift shows that you support Mazel. One of the major components of a successful school is the active engagement of the parent body. One of the indicators of that engagement is participation of each family in the school’s Annual Campaign. Our goal is 100% parent participation to reflect that 100% of our parents support our school.

Community and other non-profit supporters routinely ask about parent giving and participation. If the families of the school don’t support our program, then why should they? We ask that your family give at a level that is meaningful to you and within your means. Every gift is an important show of support.

2. Q: I already pay a large amount in tuition. Why should I pay even more to the Annual Campaign?

Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of our children’s outstanding education. In fact, tuition only covers about 80% of the total cost. The full cost of any private school education per child is always much higher than the amount parents are charged in tuition fees. Without additional donations and contributions that are raised annually, Mazel experiences an approximate $2,000 budgetary shortfall per student.

Our fundraising efforts give parents the opportunity to make charitable, tax-deductible donations to Mazel Day School. If tuition were increased to cover the full cost of providing a comprehensive, high academic and enrichment program, this additional amount would not be tax-deductible.

The price of providing a comprehensive, quality education for our children is driven by a number of factors, including teacher salaries, material costs, curriculum expenses, and facility upkeep. In addition, our school offers ongoing professional development and support for teachers, and enrichment arts, music and physical education programs for students. These "perks" directly impact the quality of our students' education, but also adds additional expenses to the annual budget.

Because of this reality, our school, like all other private schools, needs to supplement tuition with donations from parents and friends in our school community. When you give to the Annual Campaign, you are providing for the things that make your child's private school education so unique.

3. Q: Where does our money go?

The funds raised from the Annual Campaign are used to bridge the gap between your tuition and our annual budget expenditures, and are unrestricted funds that go directly to cover our operating costs and essential programs within our school.

Dollars given to the Annual Campaign are NOT used for scholarships, i.e. for children whose parents cannot pay full tuition. For that, we have a separate Scholarship Fund (which you're invited to donate to separately) which goes directly to helping out those families, so that they could give their children what they truly deserve - a good academic and Jewish education. Nor does your Annual Campaign contribution go toward future school development or to the building campaign. Money raised by the Annual Campaign is used exclusively to bridge the gap in our annual budget – for your child’s education this school year.

4. Q: Why do private schools ask parents to contribute?

Most private schools operate based on revenue derived from both tuition and fundraising. The fundraising revenue is essential because it enables the school to keep tuition at a reasonable level that allows for broad community participation. It also enables schools to provide a variety of features and services not covered by tuition. This is a common practice, and Mazel Day School is no exception. Indeed, fundraising from the parent community is one of the most important reasons our school has been able to excel and grow in so many ways.

5. Q: What is an appropriate amount to give?

This is a very personal issue; we would like you to give an amount that is meaningful to you. We receive gifts that range from $50 to $2000+. Your participation shows that you support and value all that Mazel has to offer for your child. You could also choose to join the Monthly Pledge Club of those who give monthly contributions in amounts which vary from $18 to $360+ a month.

6. Q: What is the relationship between the Annual Campaign and Mazel?

The Annual Campaign is the primary fundraising vehicle for Mazel Day School, which includes the preschool division, lower school and middle school divisions. Your gift to the Annual Campaign will benefit the entire Mazel Day School and goes directly towards supporting the great programs of Mazel for the current school year.

7. Q: Why choose Mazel Day School vs. other philanthropies?

When you give to the Mazel you know that your contribution will directly affect your family and your child’s education. You are making an investment in your child’s experience and in the future.

8. Q: Are there other ways I can help?

Yes. Please check to see if your company has a matching gift program. If so, please apply for a match, so that you can double the impact of your gift!

Also, please get your family and friends involved. Invite grandparents, aunts and uncles, colleagues and friends to participate and contribute - whether smaller or larger donations. Remember that every dollar brings us closer in reaching our goal. After all, all it takes is for you to get 20 people to give $18 a month for 6 months and we're there!

Make your tax-deductible gift today!