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Dear Mazel community,

We are sure you are all very excited to see Mazel Day School's doors open, as our children returned to school in early September after the buildings being closed since mid-March. This was no easy task; tremendous hard work and preparation went into being able to re-open with all the guidelines and precautions to protect the health of our staff, children, and families. 

This obviously comes with great financial costs. We turn to all of you to ask for your support in helping cover the close to $500,000 in expenses the school has had to put in now.  This is in addition to the school's efforts to assist families financially affected by this pandemic and in need of increased tuition assistance. 

Now is the time to get involved and contribute your support to re-opening our community school. We are a community school, one built by the community and one that will continue to succeed through the community!

Be part of the reopening efforts!

Help a family in need!

Donate today!

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! From additional classrooms to added sinks and water fillers; from technology and professional development to new furniture, PPE, cleaning supplies, and additional staff (including a nurse), it is a heavy financial lift to open school during a pandemic. Thank you to all those that have already pledged or contributed. It is not too late to get involved, we need everyone’s help! Please consider helping us cover all these new costs, as we simultaneously increase tuition assistance for our Mazel families.  

Big or small, every contribution makes a difference.  Share this link with family members and friends; invite them to be a part of this monumental and important cause.

We look forward to a successful and healthy new school year. As we are in the days around Yom Kippur, we take this opportunity to wish you all a Gmar Chatima Tovah. May we all be written and sealed in the book of life, for a sweet year filled with health, nachas and success.

Warmly yours,

Rabbi Avremel and Chani Okonov, Executive Director and Head of School

MDS Board of Trustees

Sponsorship Opportunities

AIR PURIFIERS: In addition to ensuring that each classroom has proper ventilation, we are adding portable HEPA air purifiers in each classroom & office.

  • $2,500 Pays for Filters in 5 Classrooms/Offices
  • $1,000 Pays for Filters in 2 Classrooms/Offices
  • $500 Pays for a Filter in 1 Classroom/Office

LIVE STREAM SET UP for Classrooms: Classrooms have been set up with equipment that will enable our teachers to easily and successfully integrate students temporarily learning from home into our classrooms, whether they are immunocompromised or quarantined.

  • $1,800 Pays for Live Stream set up in 3 Classrooms
  • $1,200 Pays for Live Stream set up in 2 Classrooms
  • $600 Pays for Live Stream in 1 Classroom

DESKS: We have purchased many new single student desks in grades K-8 to allow for proper social distancing in classrooms.

  • $2,400 Pays for a Full Class of 12 Desks
  • $1000 Pays for 5 Desks
  • $400 Pays for 2 Desks
  • $200 Pays for 1 Desk

SMART TVs: We are adding Smart TVs to our new classrooms to ensure that students at home can participate in school and also so our individual classes can continue to share communal experiences even if we cannot gather as a group.

  • $5,400 Pays for all New Smart TVs in the School
  • $1350 Pays for Smart TVs in 2 Classrooms
  • $675 Pays for a Smart TV in 1 Classroom

PPE & CLEANING SUPPLIES to ensure the safety of our students and teachers: Masks, gloves, touch-less thermometers, isolation room equipment, hand sanitizer and dispensers, and a host of other cleaning supplies.

  • $3,600
  • $1,800
  • $1,000
  • $360
  • $180
  • $100

MORE STAFF: We are spending upwards of $200,000 in additional staff, including a new School Nurse, educational staff, and more full and part-time cleaning staff.

  • $10,000 toward Additional Staff
  • $5,000 toward Additional Staff
  • $3,600 toward Additional Staff

TUITION ASSISTANCE: Help support other Mazel families in need of tuition assistance whose financial situation was negatively impacted by COVID-19 during these difficult times. Your support will help provide a Jewish education to a Mazel student.

  • $100 toward Tuition Assistance
  • $180 toward Tuition Assistance
  • $360 toward Tuition Assistance
  • $1000 toward Tuition Assistance
  • $5000 toward Tuition Assistance

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