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Tzivos Hashem

Hashem's army - transforming the world!


Our goal is that children will develop positive character, internalize Jewish values, increase in their practice of Mitzvot and celebrate their Judaism throughout the year

Tzivos Hashem at MDS

One of our main objectives at Mazel is to cultivate strong Jewish pride and identity.  We are always seeking opportunities to meet this goal. To this aim, we are pleased to announce that our school is officially joining  Tzivos Hashem!

What is Tzivos Hashem?

Tzivos Hashem is the largest children's network in the world: Through innovative, educational, and playful missions along with exciting prizes, children discover a love for Torah and Mitzvot and develop self motivation to do what's right, while simultaneously establishing their own unique identity as a Jewish child in today's world.

Tzivos Hashem at Mazel

As part of Tzivos Hashem, students in grades 2-4 will receive their personal ID card, and will get to fill out their daily/weekly missions, in turn earning them miles which are translated to awesome prizes.

This is an exciting upgrade to the Ckids Brigade program we have used in recent years.

Rank System

In addition to the prizes, Tzivos Hashem is based on self-motivation. Children begin wanting to continue to be better while being recognized for their achievement.

As students earn more points, they also get promoted in rank in the Army of Hashem, starting from a Private, aiming to become a General!

To make it easier, children can choose from a paper weekly mission sheet distributed each Friday, or can check off their missions on a cool app, where they can also order prizes, scan achievement cards, set their goals and much more.

How you can help get your child started:

  • Encourage your child to check off the missions daily.
  • Assist your child with filling them out correctly while teaching them about the importance of honesty.
  • Celebrate their achievement! When they get medals or go up in rank, show them you are proud of them by celebrating it with the family.
  • Join the MDS Tzivos Hashem Updates WhatsApp group:

Download the App!

  • Create a parent account
  • Click Add Child, then select Mazel Day School as TH Base
  • Select childs Grade/Platoon
  • Type the first 3 letters of child's last name
  • Enter child's Date Of Birth
  • Click "Add Child"
  • CLICK HERE  for a tutorial on how to make best use of the app
A child spends most waking hours at school, yet home is where it all takes roots. Children need their parents to encourage their growth and to keep striving.
Get the TZH App!
Allow your kids to check off their missions, scan their achievement cards and redeem prizes from home;

Download the app on your smartphone or Tablet

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